Martin Boverhof
Martin Warner Jan Boverhof (1976)
Creative director, visual programmer & VJ, based in Amsterdam.


Hello Vimeo

All the things you are (2010)

Synecdochism II - continuity

An interdisciplinary composition by music, photograph and visual art which accentuates the intensity of representation and perception - utilizing essential aesthetics and beauties of the traditional Japanese Noh Theater

The work will be premiered in the autumn 2016 by Duo Sava Stoianov & Miako Klein (trumpet & recorder) and David Haller (percussion).

Chikage Imai - composition
Junichi Takahashi – photography
Martin Boverhof – visual art

Noh masks:
Zo-onna by Zekan (b.1526?)
Hannya by Kawachi (b.1581?)
* the Aichi prefectural designated cultural property protected by Toyohashi Uomachi Noh Preservation Society based in Aichi, Japan.

More detail Synecdochism Website



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